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On behalf of art. Contemporary Art. Critical. Symbolic. Philosophical. Modern surreal.


For more meaning, wisdom and beauty in the world.

And the thoughtful artist is worth a thousand times more to me. Also in the sense of education.

Art is the creative principle of the world. What would life be without art!?

Ilknur Özen

Art Advisory & Mediation
M.A. Philosophy & Educational Science

We have not yet fulfilled our task for humanity – we are not ready yet to being human. It’s time to rethink!

The thinking artist provokes, irritates, polarizes. DENKSTAHL criticizes thought itself. And rightly so.

Nora Hauschild

Art Advisory & Management
Editorial Office – Art Blog & Denkstahl Art Edition
MSc Psychology

Without art and culture, business and science become insufficent in regard to their purpose. The artistic-creative impact ensures that they are not merely reduced to their functionality or end in dullness.


Aylin Meinhold
Business Consultant
MSc Physics

From The Stars

In worlds to disappear,
that others won‘t find ever,
thought do then you abdicate,
no answer, nought to interrogate,
escaping from existence,
vacation from the senses,
flying and seeing
above the firmament,
to tell you what I saw,
that‘s my life‘s achievement.

For love,
and life.



About the artist & author AL, DENKSTAHL

About the artist & author AL, DENKSTAHL

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