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Wholehearted, heart-sighted, heart-wise, heart-moving (vollherzig, herzsichtig, herzweise, herzbewegend): these words and their conscious meaning have long been forgotten. We commemorate those forgotten words and the lost qualities of humanity therein by integrating them through our art into everyday life. Because sometimes forgotten words are lost values!

Our publishing program includes books on philosophy and art as well as exclusive art prints and serigraphs. Within our producers gallery we present contemporary art. In our art gallery you can purchase art as a unique piece, as an original or a limited edition print.

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Ilknur Özen
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14. – 18.10.2015
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29. – 31.05.2015
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Vollherzig [Wholehearted] – Word for Sincerity

When a word vanishes from our vocabulary, its significance is lost. Everyone knows the meaning of »half-hearted«. The German word »vollherzig« (wholehearted) on the other hand is lost, forgotten, obsolete. According to Adelung’s dictionary entry it means to »have a full heart, to have a lot on your mind/in your heart«. The English equivalent for »vollherzig« is »wholehearted« and brings the word’s significance to the point: It means »sincere«. The ability to tackle things sincerely – »fully and wholeheartedly« – is what the words describe. No other word can better express that honesty and sincerity are qualities of the heart. The impressive word »vollherzig« is not to be confused with the German phrase »voll herzig« which means » very cute«.