Heart Geometry – Mandalas by AMBA

With the ›arrival‹ and the message of Heart Geometry in 2008, my long-term expedition for the true origin of the heart symbol had ended. Heart Geometry is a manifestation of the cosmic heart — the heart of the universe pulsates within it.



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    Coinciding with the publication of Herzgeometrie I. Zum Ausmalen (Heart Geometry I: A Coloring Book) began my intimate but peculiar relationship with the martyr Hypatia, who was murdered and long forgotten and of whose existence I knew nothing until the appearance of Heart Geometry in 2008. Hypatia lived in the 4th century in Alexandria, was the head of the Alexandrian school and was the greatest philosopher of her time.

    The mathematician, philosopher and astronomer Hypatia recognized that love is the very basis of creation. She, too, encountered Heart Geometry; thus, it served her philosophical aspirations for finding the truth.

    For decades, Hypatia researcher Anne Marie Maeger studied the work of the great philosopher Hypatia. Maeger observes that the philosophy of love is symbolized by the geometrical heart, demonstrating that the heart is the geometric and philosophical cradle of creation. Her theory was the following: »If a philosophy/religion asserts the claim to declare divine truths, then these truths must also have their equivalents in the laws of nature, in language, and especially in algebra and geometry.«