First Limited Edition
216 Pages, 21×26 cm
ISBN 978-3-941151-20-8

Item Number: DE-KBD


The art book DENKSTAHL illustrates the artist AL’s path from the street to art. AL is a self-taught artist and has worked for more than 25 years. Growing up in Frankfurt’s cultural milieu, the society’s shady scene shaped the early days of his life and later also his art. His autobiography and his artistic career are documented in the art book DENKSTAHL.

His DIGIT-AL STREETART combines the subject of street art with digital image processing. (On a digital high-lustered wall, expressions and motifs of street art are captured and illustrated. What in reality can be associated with material damage is transformed here virtually futuristically.) In addition to his paintings, poetry is also part of his overall work. His expressive and effectively influential pictures in the book are accompanied by AL’s equally rebellious and philosophical texts. His pictures and texts demand to look behind the superficial colorful gleam and down into the depths of society and into your own mind. Food for thoughts of steel!

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