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Contemporary Art. Art that tells our story and reflects the zeitgeist. Art as a rebellion. Art that is sometimes uncomfortable and makes us think twice.

Hi, I’m Ilknur

and I am honored to present you a small excerpt from the monumental work of the Frankfurt artist DENKSTAHL on this page.

As an art consultant and educator, I make sure that art fits your personality, your style and your spaces, so that you are able to experience a lot of joy and inspiring moments with your pictures.

No matter if you are a young or already an experienced art collector – or even if you are interested in art but still don’t know where and how to search for it – I will personally accompany you in your decision to find the perfect artwork for you.

What would life be without art!?

Here I am standing in front of my personal artistic portrait.
Rose Of Love by DENKSTAHL


With our exclusive one-offs, we always get in touch with our interested parties personally.

We make a point of advising you individually – even directly on your premises – to make sure your artworks suit your private and business purposes. To purchase a one-off, please contact us by phone or via WhatsApp at +49 1772851804.


On our site you can easily buy limited editions online.

The limited number of art prints of 5, 20, 30, 50 or 100 pieces varies depending on the image and medium. You will find three categories that differ in price and design.


Art Of A Rebellious Mind. Street Art. Digit-AL. Heads. Poetry & Prose.

The art books underline the Denkstahl Art Edition. Symbols and sayings in the sphere of thought. The urban lifestyle that does not want to miss the flip side of the coin. It is about human qualities and the art of living. It’s about the big picture.


Art is education. Fine art forms.

In our blog you will find articles that address our symbolic world and the invisible within the visible. Here, the topics of our time meet art and philosophy. For thinking, rethinking, and thinking ahead.

What our customers & business partners think

»Death Apple« was my first contact with the world of DENKSTAHL. This artwork combines my two favorite brands (Apple and Star Wars) and forces me to think critically about the power of tech empires and digital privacy. »Death Apple« now also is the background in all my video conferences. The tag team of »The Young Lady Mary« and »He Shines Bright« is very important to me personally, as I am very interested in the topic of »Meaning 3.0«. These artworks also inspire me to push my very own book project »Church of Berghain« (working title).

Aside from the art, I am especially inspired by the authenticity and the »rebellious nature« of the artist and the entire Denkstahl team. In the past years I was able to experience this in numerous meetings as well as the very personal support by Galerie Vollherzig, and of course during the handover of the artworks (by the artist himself).

Fabian Graue


»The Young Lady Mary« – this picture shows perfidiously and pointedly what was made out of me. I am a woman born into modern slavery between Madonna and a whore. Deported, labeled, veiled, transcended, circumcised, damned, dismantled. My sacred cave with the fire that manifests life itself has become the fear of purgatory in hell. I could write a thousand more words about what this picture reflects. It inspires and reveals the freedom within ourselves. In love.

Bettina Schugufa Rashidi-Sangsari

Medical Director

AL alias DENKSTAHL is momentarily without a doubt one of the most renowned artists in Frankfurt. His art is not really a shallow fare; yet art should and may of course pose questions and be critical, quite according to AL’s own motto: »The task of art is to give ignorance no chance.« AL is certainly not an easy interlocutor and his statements go far beyond conventional views. But for me it is always a lasting experience to exchange ideas with him. I’m very happy to decorate my walls and my home with his art. The service and reliability are in a remarkable way, and without a doubt, nothing less than 100%.

Joern Herseth

Business Consulting Eichenfels

Ilknur personally advised me within my four walls and absolutely met my taste. She is a competent and sensitive art consultant that I would be happy to recommend! I love my artworks that I acquired from her; they give my rooms that certain something and inspire me anew every day.

Ralf Kerz


The Hessen Agentur (The Hesse Agency) has been committed to artistic and creative work in Hesse for many years. On the 75th birthday of Hesse, DENKSTAHL expressed his close ties to the region in a modern and lively picture. Thanks for that!

Folke Mühlhölzer

HA Hessen Agentur

The artworks by DENKSTAHL hold up a mirror against us. In a world where brands and consumption function like religions, where environmental destruction, war and exploitation seem to exist parallel to abundance, luxury and material happiness without producing any guilty conscience, this artistic mirror is exactly what we need to pause for a moment – pause to think and catch a breath of air; Air that we can still breathe today without any hesitation, but maybe not anymore tomorrow.

Rudolf David Klöckner

Urbanshit Gallery

There are many people who just do their job. Some do it particularly well. And then there are a few who do much more than that – they LOVE their job and you notice that in every moment you work with them – such a person is Ilknur Özen. It is often a risk to recommend business partners with whom you have had a good experience – not with Ilknur. From the first to the last moment there were only positive surprises borne by passionate commitment – cooperation couldn’t be better.

Gabriele Steinlechner

Real Estate Agent

According to my taste, art has to be authentic, thought-provoking and everything but boring. This all comes together in the artworks of DENKSTAHL. I find the HEADS series particularly well-made, of which one work of art has been enriching our home with its luminosity.

Johannes Gruss


DENKSTAHL is magical! Quality of life increases with these pictures. The galleries work is not half-hearted, but always whole-hearted! Great art and very good quality. Thank you so much!

Yasin Bozdag


For me, art is a unique expression of the creative self. The gallery Vollherzig connects artist, image and viewer in word and deed, making collaboration a special and sustainable experience. Every day I enjoy the expressiveness of my unique piece.
Vanessa Marahrens

Holistic Life Designer

DENKSTAHL art is based directly on the zeitgeist. It is expressive, provocative and, in an aesthetic way, displays the state of our times that are often overlooked; in my eyes, it is how contemporary art should be, that’s why I chose to purchase it.
Markus Küssner

Real Estate Agent

They are not so common, those encounters when everything is just right – professionalism, friendliness and passion. That is the case with Ilknur and her team. »Remains Of Peace« by DENKSTAHL hangs on my wall as a signed, limited screen print. I love the picture because it reminds me every day that despite our injuries we can be free and fly. It is possible to find peace within and to make peace with the world.

Elena Fischer

Public Relations

For more meaning, wisdom and beauty in everyday life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is said. Could it be beautiful, even if it irritates, provokes and creates inner resistance?







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