DENKSTAHL Holy Dirty Dollar

Holy Dirty Dollar 90


Unique Piece
ca. 160×70 cm
Fine Art Print behind acrylic glass
Incl. the corresponding NFT

Delivery time*: 8 to 14 days within Germany

* Please note that the possible delivery date outside of Germany needs to be coordinated and will be disclosed after the order.

In stock

HOLY DIRTY DOLLAR is a part of the DENKSTAHL money art series HOLY DIRTY MONEY.

Money is more than just a medium of exchange; it is the symbol of prosperity and wealth. Currency has a high symbolic significance, also for the identity of a nation or union. The American dollar is the currency icon par excellence. In the not too distant future, it will be an artifact of our contemporary history.

The thinker, poet and artist AL, DENKSTAHL has transformed the American 100 dollar banknote into his digital canvas one hundred times so he could put his statements on it. Critical, cool and gaudy are the HOLY DIRTY DOLLARs.

Elements of street art, pop art, and comic art can be found in them as well as classic works of art history. These images are playful, but also deep at the same time.

Each digital 100 dollar is offered as a unique piece and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Upon request, you will receive the accompanying NFT after you have purchased a unique piece. The NFT will be minted extra and only for you, i.e. it is only available together with the physical unique piece.

Since it would be beyond all measure to show the 100 HOLY DIRTY DOLLARs here, you are welcome to download the catalog as a PDF. If you are interested in a piece not shown here, please contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email. You can also find the contact details in the HOLY DIRTY DOLLAR catalog.


»Holy Dirty Money

»About the artist and author AL, DENKSTAHL

»DENKSTAHL. art of a rebellious mind

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