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No picture on its own may honestly bespeak, what needs to be said

An adapted artist always resembles a circus monkey, and the people with stares so hungry, will nevertheless only remain zoo visitors. But one day he’ll be ready, when his soul screams incredibly, he’ll come to his senses, the zoo visitor out of his senses will recognize the true creation and in the partiality for artistry, what once was cursed, he then found, what he was longing to find at first 

Oct 16, 2020 – AL

Buy Art! Invest In Living Artists!

Because the dead ones don’t need it!

It is important, for the sake of your personal and the social wellbeing, to surround yourself with art – with contemporary art that reflects current events, takes up issues of being human and tells our story. Embedded between the past and the future, contemporary art shows us what perturbs and concerns us. And what people, gods and worldviews we make of ourselves …

Aug 1, 2020 – ILKNUR

Artist AL, Denkstahl in an Interview

The name DENKSTAHL (thoughts of steel) says it all and aptly describes the artist’s message. Whether in pictures, poetry or prose; in essence, his works are all the same. AL is concerned about the confrontation with the »illusory world«, and about radical food for thought!

In the following, AL is in an interview with Sequana Birkel. Sequana studies American Studies at the Goethe University Frankfurt

Jul 1, 2020 – SEQUANA

Denkstahl @ Ibiza Private Jet Terminal

Till the end of the year, Art Gallery Adriana is exhibiting the works of 11 international artists in Ibiza’s private jet terminal. Under the motto Art & Fly, art manager Adriana Peterova presents contemporary art consisting of objects and murals on the popular Balearic Island.

Nine works of art by DENKSTAHL can be seen there, including Everything’s so Colorful Here, Consumption, Protest Deluxe, Money Drives You Crazy

Mai 1, 2020 – NORA

Denkstahl @ Max Papeschi in Milano

The DENKSTAHL artist AL visited his colleague Max Papeschi in Milano. AL and Max get along really well and are able to communicate with each other through their artworks. The language within their symbolic images and their meaningful titles are all they need.

Both Max and AL are dedicated to socio-critical issues, by drawing upon irony and parody. Both artistically explore the world, the big systems and our lifestyle without losing their sense of humor. Also, there are similarities in their technique and methodology. The digital collage as a medium allows the artists to react quickly to all current affairs …

Aug 6, 2019 – ILKNUR

DENKSTAHL. art of a rebellious mind – The Book

In the art book DENKSTAHL. art of a rebellious mind, collected images and texts reflect part of AL’s work. The first part of the book is a biographical account and contains illustrations of his earlier works of art. Later turning to digital art, AL takes up digitally the expressions and motifs known from street art. The resulting picture series Digit-AL Streetart, Heads, Living On The Wall, Denkstahl and United Colors Of Denkstahl …

Mai 1, 2020 – ILKNUR


DENKSTAHL STREET ART is very articulate, his language is often poetic. The written, sprayed or glued statements and expressions bring the artist’s subversive thoughts onto the streets; they should set an impulse, an impetus, to stop, to pause for a moment, to question one’s own way of thinking, to doubt one’s self, or even to smile …

Apr 1, 2020 – ILKNUR

Just imagine, we would only be heads – HEADS II

In the second part of the HEADS series, DENKSTAHL portrays celebrities of modern history. It is the movie stars, music stars, art stars, political stars and sports stars of a pop culture, it is the geniuses, heroes and legends that DENKSTAHL honors on his digital canvas. 

For their fans, they play an identity-forming role. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Steve Jobs …

Sep 12, 2018 – ILKNUR

Just imagine, we would only be heads – HEADS I

The series HEADS by DENKSTAHL reinvents portraiture with political, religious and historical content. His digital collages are rich in well-known symbols and new-modern logos. The symbols make the artworks a narrative. With his pictures, DENKSTAHL tells his own version of the story. Well-known personalities put their necks on the line in a dignified way …

Aug 27, 2018 – ILKNUR

Digit-AL Streetart by DENKSTAHL

DIGITAL ART meets STREET ART – Inspired by the contemporary trend of street art and the possibilities of the digital art form, AL created his Digit-AL Streetart. Virtual presence has increasingly played a role in urban art and the conquest of public space. Especially among the newbies of the street art scene, a photograph of the work is just as important as the original on the street. These photos …

Aug 23, 2017 – NORA

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