The artist AL is an autodidact and has been artistically active for more than 25 years. Having grown up in the Frankfurt milieu, rebellion against the existing social system and against injustice has shaped his life early on, and thereafter his art. His art book DENKSTAHL. DIGIT-AL STREETART presents those pieces of his work that are as strong in words as they are in pictures. The autobiographical book includes poetry, prose texts, and more than 160 pictures, that are assumingly aimed to »disillusion« you.

First Contact by DENKSTAHL

AL‘s works are thematically concerned with confronting the »illusory world«. He irritates, reflects, provokes, in order to repeatedly question all that exists in terms of meaning and justification. He loves to play with words as well as with colors; alienating and distorting the meaning of common symbols. The message within the texts and images go beyond socially critical and ethical contents, and not only address questions of humanity, but also the sense and self-fulfillment within a superficial and consumer-oriented world. AL‘s statements are deep and tough, and for some people they may have a deterrent effect.


DIGITAL ART meets STREET ART – Inspired by the contemporary trend of street art and the possibilities of the digital art form, AL created his Digit-AL Streetart. Virtual presence has increasingly played a role in urban art and the conquest of public space. Especially among the newbies of the street art scene, a photograph of the work is just as important as the original on the street. These photos on the net are conquering the digital public space in the same way. While the real images are weathered and tend to disappear over time, the digital clone endures in virtual space.

In addition to a multitude of unfavorable applications and side effects such as data control, the net also has positive aspects such as the sharing and exchange of critical thoughts. The internet creates a space for communication that enables both an exchange as well as mutual inspiration beyond physical and linguistic boundaries. AL captures the digital age and the peculiarities of the zeitgeist in his art; it may be philosophical or accusing, but it also is humorous. The virtual picture and word galleries on his website show a selection of his works.


All Trash by DENKSTAHL

Hard Time by DENKSTAHL

AL is not a classic street art activist, although some of his motifs may be found on the street as slogans, stencils or stickers. Most of his pictures are digital, some of them are available in limited editions as silk screen prints or as unique high-gloss prints. His art also shows similarities with the approaches of culture jamming, which is a peripheral phenomenon aside the street art subculture.


It is about playfully reversing the signification of signs and symbols within the prevailing system as well as the use of the media for a creative attack. Elements of his art can also be found in the Dadaism movement, which had originally emerged from an anti-art movement against conventional art forms. Like the Dadaists, AL is mainly concerned about revolt, and about absolute doubt – about the destruction of unreflected norms and ideologies in the broadest sense.


Wounded Mc by DENKSTAHL

Despite recognizable influences, AL is free from any restrictions of being classified within an art movement, since his art simply happens unintentionally. It was also never his intention to sell any of his works. Since neither his vita nor his art correspond to the usual habitus of the art world, his friend Ilknur Özen has enabled him to publish his life‘s work in pictures and words without any restrictions whatsoever. The DENKSTAHL EDITION is self-financed and has been created as a matter of heart, purely for art and philosophy.




The presented images are excerpts of AL‘s digital art series from the last 5 years of his work. The digital images are printed only once and are available as unique pieces. Each DENKSTAHL UNIQUE has a signature stamp. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and a limited art book. The DENKSTAHL Fine Art Prints are high-glossy prints, laminated behind acrylic glass and reinforced by a rear wall made of aluminum. The rear bracket ensures a simple and stable suspension. Prices, size and availability on request. If interested, please contact Verlag & Galerie Vollherzig: +49 1772851804 /



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